The DONi News Agency has published widely spread news about massive US military deployments to Europe, where several sources was given to confirm the alarming information, that US Army is concentrating thousands of tanks to European theatre against Russia.

Link: US sends 3,600 tanks against Russia - Massive NATO deployment underway (DONi News, 4.1.2017)

Unfortunately this DONi News article have been used widely as example of "fake news in the media". Latest example from total misunderstanding of the facts came in German mainstream media, where popular comedy TV-show used the DONi News article as example of "pro-Russian fake news" (time: 04:00).

But factually there is nothing in the orginal DONi News article what could make it as example of "fake news".

I want to let you know, that we haven't get any demands to correct given numbers. Both information sources included in the article about US armored fighting vehicles - so called "tanks" - deployed to the Netherlands and to Russian borders are using the word 'tank' absolutely correctly:

According to statements by the US Army Europe, 4,000 additional troops and 2,000 tanks will “contribute to and strengthen the alliance’s deterrence and defense. - WSWS

US to ship 1,600 tanks to Dutch arms depot in ‘clear message’ to Russia - RT News

You really have to understand, that we haven't claim that those mentioned 3,600 deployed US tanks are 'Main Battle Tanks', but US armored fighting vehicles:

'A tank is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat' - source: Wikipedia

In given news sources the description "tank" was correctly used, and information about deployments was given by the western military officials. DONi News Agency count together numbers from different sources and gave the massive total amount out in single article. And certainly we were not talking only about "Main Battle Tanks", like US M1 Abrams, but all kind of US armored fighting vehicles, which are deployed from USA.

What should be noted, given number 3,600 US tanks, is far too low real number of deployments, because we know very well that together 8 huge cold-war era underground caves in Norway are filled with US tanks and other military equipments, and also many deployments have been done in past +2 years especially to Baltic countries, Poland and Romania.

If we count all public information from US fighting vehicles deployed to Europe to face so called "Russian aggression" in the frame of NATO-operation "Atlantic Resolve" the real number of massive tank deployments can easily be even double from previously mentioned 3,600. And numbers are only growing.

To be realistic, we should count together all other NATO tank deployments too, like from Britain, Germany and other NATO-countries to the Russian borders. When using some time to make your research, you can easily understand, that the real number of NATO-tanks is far more higher as it was published in the DONi News.

So, we urge you to make your homework and check the information. There is nothing fake in alarming news about western war preparations and aggression against Russia and its allies. What should be understood, real "fake news" in the West are those mainstream media sources, who are not telling you all these facts and who are accusing as liars those of us, who are offering truthful numbers and other hided information about US-EU-NATO aggression.

Janus Putkonen, director

DONi News Agency

[email protected]

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