President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko appointed the commanders of the Joint Forces in Donbass, Sergey Nayev.

"The format of the anti-terrorist operation will be changed into the Joint Forces Operation. The leadership of the forces and facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military formations and law enforcement bodies will rely on the commander of the Joint Forces. I decided to appoint Lieutenant-General Sergey Nayev to this post," the president said on Friday in Kramatorsk, speaking before the military.

The replacement of the so-called 'Anti-Terroristic Operation' for the operation of the combined forces in Donbass is envisaged by the law on the Donbass reintegration, Poroshenko noted.

"I put before the commander of the joint forces the task of strengthening the armed forces so that they were not only defensible, but also capable of liberating the occupied territories," the Head of State said.

DONi News Agency

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