State Security Service and Interior ministry initiated over 50 criminal proceedings on the facts of theft and selling of the property of Ukrainian army. The LPR People’s Militia official representative, Major Andrey Marochko, reported it today on the briefing.

He also underlined that “the scales of the theft in Ukrainian army achieved enormous proportions»

“Apart from the sailing of fuels and lubricants, property and food, Ukrainian military found a new way of earning money by selling the parts of the large calibre shells to the receiving points of the basic metal and merchandising the propelling charge” – explained Marochko.


Ukrainian State Security Service opened over 50 cases on the fact of theft and selling of the Ukrainian force’s property. – underlined People’s Militia representative.

“Besides, we had detected the fact of non-battle causalities in the 54th  tank battalion resulted by the detonation of the propelling charge. During the dismantlement of the shell, it had exploded. As a result one soldier is dead, one is badly wounded”.

Earlier, Marochko had reported that the commission of the so-called Anti-terroristic operation during the inspections in 54th brigade discovered the theft of the fuels and lubricates and supplies over one million hryvnia.

It was also reported, that the inspections in Anti terroristic operation zone were undertaken  because of the reports about the lack of winter clothes, and low psychological and moral state of the soldiers.  

Marochko stated that the Ukrainian command sent into the zone of the so-called "ATO" commission to investigate the theft and sale of fuels and lubricants, clothing and food in Ukrainian units.

Marochko also reported that Kiev security officials organized in the village of Teploe of the  Stanichno Luhanskiy district the hiding, in which they gathered the stolen shells for the further sale on the "dark market", and that the command of the so-called "ATO" ceased to provide the ammunition to the 59th brigade because of the identified facts of theft.

Notably that the theft of ammunition in the area of ​​so-called "ATO" led to a loss of combat readiness of the units of the 1st self-propelled howitzer artillery battalion of the 54th brigade. Besides, it was reported that the military engineering units of Ukraine stolen mines and explosive devices, intended for fortified equipment along the contact line, creating serious gaps in their defence.

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