We are noting an increase in a number of ceasefire violations on the part of the AFU and connecting it with New Year and Christmas holidays' end.

Thus, over the past 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) shelled the areas of the localities of SPARTAK, DOKUCHAEVSK, ZAITSEVO, KRUTAYA BALKA having launched 32 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber, made 27 shots with IFVs and 40 with grenade launchers. Besides, the enemy actively applied small arms.

Altogether, over the past 24 hours there were registered eight ceasefire violations.

Our intelligence keeps registering cases of non-regulation relations in the AFU ranks. The main reasons are, of course, money. Over the past 24 hours, there were two such facts -   in the 54th separate mechanized brigade and in the 30th separate mechanized brigade.
Thus, three servicemen of the communications platoon of the 1st battalion beat Communications Chief Dermansky V.N. in the 54th brigade due to deprivation of extra-money to monetary allowances. As a result, the officer received light body injures and was deprived of several teeth.
At the same time, in the 30th brigade several servicemen of the 1st battalion were detained by employees of the police while attempting to sale property which was stolen by them in one of the house-buildings in the locality of Maryinka earlier.  Only thanks to personal familiarity of the brigade commander, war criminal Garaz I.V. with a chief of local department of the police, this case was not sent any further.

Once again, we can highlight that the AFU servicemen arrive in the so-called “ATO” zone only with one aim which is to earn money. If due to some reason it's impossible to legally make it from the authorities, well the Ukrainian “defenders” start stealing and plundering.

Georgian mercenaries having arrived at “safari” only for earning money follow the same approach to the war. However, the fact that the AFU command doesn't give serious orders to Georgians, often restricts them in participating in battles became a reason of legionaries'  great insults. Due to this, the mercenaries just began surviving in the “ATO” zone, plundering and then managing a business which is to control trafficking. Ukrainian nationalists from the Aidar battalion didn't like that. Due to the fact that Georgian mercenaries started stealing profits from Ukrainian Nazis. This fact caused escalation of contradictions and caused a conflict between Aidar gunmen and Georgian mercenaries.

 In this conflict, the command of the 54th brigade, naturally, sided with the Aidar gunmen. The command didn't even support Georgians when the artillery group of the 128th brigade of the AFU shelled the Georgian national legion by mistake in the vicinity of the locality of GLADOSOVO, as a result of which, six mercenaries were wounded. Such unjust attitude of Ukrainians towards Georgian mercenaries having arrived to profit from the civil war was the beginning of the direct insubordination of the legionaries to the 54th brigade's commander Maistrsenko. As I stated earlier, the last drop of patience of Georgians was a “friendly” shelling of them from the positions of the 24th battalion Aidar, as a result of which 11 gunmen were wounded  as well as unwanted participation in shelling of the locality of NOVOLUGANSKOYE with the use of thermobaric ammos.  

Thus, theft, marauding and trafficking at the war didn't bring Ukrainian nationalists and Georgian mercenaries closer together but instead caused quarrels. It is naturally profitable for Ukrainian leadership which feels a high level threat on the part of Georgians and other mercenaries in Ukraine at present, actively supporting Saakashvili in the political fight for power.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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