Over the past 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed 71 ceasefire violations. 

In the Donetsk direction on the areas of 12 localities the enemy launched 62 projectiles of 152mm and 122mm caliber, 63 tank-shells and 271 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber. 

In the Mariupol direction the areas of five localities underwent shellings, on which 20 MRLS ‘Grad’ Projectiles, 71 mortar-shells of 82mm caliber and seven tank-shells were launched. As a result of shelling of the locality of Nogrigorovka-Starolaspa (Telmanovsky district) there were damaged residential houses at 15 addresses:

On Lenin Street, houses Num. 1,3,6,7,8,12;    

On Mira Street, houses Num. 2,6,12;

On Sadovaya Street, houses Num. 1,2,3,4;

On Stepnaya Street, house Num.6. 

I would like to highlight that the locality is located over 3km away from the contact line where there are no our military objects. Fire at residential areas of the locality was purposefully opened by Ukraine’s military.

In the Gorlovka direction the areas of four localities underwent shellings on the part of the AFU. Here, the enemy launched eight mortar-shells of 120mm caliber. 

As a result of shellings on the part of the enemy, six house-buildings in the localities of Yasinovatays, Kominternovo, Aleksandrovka and Lozovsky were damaged. In the localities of Kashtanovoye and Krasny Partizan power supply was broken: over 800 families were left without electricity. 
Because of the enemy’s fire, one DPR serviceman perished. 

Our intelligence keeps registering concentration of Ukraine’s forces and facilities along the contact line. Thus, in the vicinity of the localities of: 

Verkhnetroitskoye (4km away from the contact line) and Opytnoye (2,5 km away from the contact line) there was detected location of four 122mm self-propelled guns ‘Gvozdika’, two in each locality. 

Avdeyevka (5km away from the contact line) there were detected battery positions of 120mm mortars; 

Marinka-Avdeyevka (2km away from the contact line) there is detected the fact that ‘Right Sector’ fighters are preparing provocative shellings of the localities in the responsibility zone of the 3rd battalion of the 72nd separate infantry brigade, including of the territory controlled by Ukraine’s authorities. 

According to our sources in the AFU General Staff, the military leadership is concerned about the increase in deceases so much and about the poisoning number among the AFU military personnel in the second quarter of 2017 – it says about a low quality of prepared food and disdain for sanitary regulations. 

Thus, during the period from April to June, 2017 over 250 servicemen were hospitalized to the departments of infectious diseases of the military hospitals in Kiev, Poltava and Odessa, including: 

From April 18 to 27 there were hospitalized 137 servicemen; 

On the night of May 11-12, there were hospitalized 14. 

27 servicemen were hospitalized on May 26; 

And a day before May 31, 57 servicemen were hospitalized. 

The main reason of violations in organization of food to Ukrainian servicemen is corruption, using expired foodstuffs and indifference of separate commanders to their own military personnel. 

Besides, as measures there were suggested the following: not to solve the existing problems, but to conduct an explanatory conversation with the personnel of the units about observing personal hygiene and the use of civilian "public caterings" on their own nickels.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency



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