The Ukrainian side keeps violating the truce having strengthened application of heavy weapons.

Thus, in the Donetsk direction the enemy conducted fire with large-caliber artillery, tanks and mortars. 23 projectiles of 122mm caliber, 37 tank-shells as well as 132 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber were launched on the territories of 15 localities and their nearby areas.

As a result of longstanding shelling of the locality of Spartak with tanks of the 72nd separate infantry brigade under the command of Sokolov, a private house on Molodyozhnaya Street, 2 was destroyed. 

One residential house was damaged in the mortar shelling of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City of Aleksandrovka locality.

In the Mariupol and Gorlovka directions, the 59th, 128th and 53rd brigades shelled six localities and their nearby areas with mortars of 120mm and 82mm caliber having launched 69 mortar-shells, as well as with grenade launchers and small arms under the command of Volsky, Sobko and Gruzevich. Besides, ammunition delivered from Poland and Bulgaria to Ukraine is being still used.

Altogether, over the past 24 hours there were registered 48 ceasefire violations on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

When defending the DPR, one Republican serviceman perished, one more was wounded.  

Our intelligence keeps registering concentration of the prohibited-by-the-Minsk-agreements weapons along the contact line with which the AFU shell civilians. Thus, in the vicinity of the locality of Nikolayevka (3km away from the contact line) there was detected arrival of 10 tanks.

Besides, arrival of 30 foreign specialists with equipment of NATO countries’ sample to Mariupol was detected, after deployment of the equipment breakdowns in mobile communications began taking place. These specialists carry out their activities aimed at not allowing information leak from Mariupol residents. Wiretapping of all the telephone conversations and disclosure of dissatisfied citizens are carried out.

We keep registering cases of applying illuminating mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber under the principle of the incendiary ammunition by AFU units. Over the past 24 hours, in such a way, the Ukrainian military purposefully set two residential houses in the localities of Dzerzhynskoye and Kominternovo on fire and destroyed them. Moreover, with the help of illuminating mortar-shells from the positions of the 59th separate infantry brigade, fields in the vicinities of Novaya Tavriya and Kominternovo Localities were purposefully set on fire.

During yesterday’s work in the locality of Krasny Partizan at about 8 p.m., OSCE representatives headed by Alexander Hug could personally make certain of the fact that the Ukrainian side applies the illuminating mortar-shells. At this time, from the positions of the 72nd separate infantry brigade in the vicinity of Avdeyevka there were launched 15 illuminating mortar-shells on the outskirts of Yasinovataya.

Today, at about ten o’clock during the monitoring of the situation in the vicinity of Vasilyevka locality by the OSCE observers, from the positions of the 72nd separate infantry brigade there was conducted shelling of the OSCE drone with small arms.

Besides, during the shelling with the small arms from positions of the AFU brigade there was damaged a day-monitoring camera installed by the OSCE observers in the vicinity of the Donetsk Filtering Station.

Thus, the Ukrainian side keeps purposefully destroying Donbass civil infrastructure objects and hindering work of the OSCE Mission observers on recording the ceasefire and movement of prohibited weapons to the contact line at every possible way. 

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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