The Ukrainian side keeps violating the truce applying heavy weapons in the violations of all the agreements. 
In the Donetsk direction, the enemy applied artillery, tanks and mortars. Two projectiles of 122mm caliber, three tank-shells as well as 55 mortar-shells of 120mm caliber and 91 mortar-shells of 82mm caliber were launched on the territories of 11 localities and their nearby areas. 
In the Mariupol and Gorlovka directions, the enemy launched 9 tank-shells, 42 mortar-shells of 82mm caliber and also shelled 8 localities and nearby areas with grenade launchers and small arms. 
The locality of Sakhanka was again shelled with illuminating mortar-shells under the principle of incendiary ammunition from the positions of the 11th infantry battalion of the 59th separate infantry brigade. Yesterday, as a result of such shelling, a residential house was on fire and partially destroyed on Babenko Street. 
Altogether, over the past 24 hours there were registered 53 ceasefire violations on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
When defending the DPR, one Republican serviceman perished, one more was wounded. 

According to the information we have, gunmen of the ‘Right Sector’ terrorist organization are preparing another provocation in relation to Ukrainian servicemen which is supposed to be presented like shelling on the part of the DPR Armed Forces aimed at escalating the situation in the Gorlovka direction.  

Thus, nationalists of the Right Sector dislocated in the vicinity of the locality of Dzerzhynsk are preparing for mortar-shelling of the positions of the 128th separate brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on August 24, on Ukraine’s Independent Day. In the frames of preparation of this provocation, the gunmen are circulating rumors about the preparing offensive of the DPR Armed Forces’ units in the Gorlovka direction. 

There was detected increase in non-battle losses in the 72nd separate infantry brigade in the vicinity of Avdeyevka Town. On August 9, one of the servicemen of this brigade being on positions accidently pressed the trigger device of a rifle-attached grenade launcher. As a result, three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. The command of the battalion decided to take all the grenades both hand grenade and those for rifle-attached grenade launchers from its command subordinates due to the fact that such cases of mishandling weapons in this unit of the 72nd brigade were not singular. 

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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