Statement on the shelling of the Kiev Controlled locality of Maryinka is nothing more that another provocation, the DPR defenders strictly preserve the ceasefire, reports the DPR Operational Command.

Earlier, the head of the Kiev-controlled military and civilian administration Pavel Zhebrivsky reported that the city of Maryinka, situated near the Donbass contact line, underwent shelling.

“That was nothing more than another provocation against the Republic at the threshold of the Minsk Negotiations. DPR army strictly preserves the ceasefire and does not respond enemy’s provocations,” said the Command’s representative.

He also underlined that on Monday Ukrainian forces shelled the DPR territory with mortars and artillery of 152 mm and 122 mm calibers, which prohibited by the Minsk Agreements and must be withdrawn from the contact line.

“Probably, by such claims they are trying to justify applying heavy artillery while shelling the Republic’s residential areas,” added the DPR Operational Command’s representative.

DONi News Agency


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