Evacuation of the civilian population continued in Kievsky and Kalininsky districts on February 3, under Ukrainian heavy fire to civilian districts of Donetsk capital. The Emergency Ministry employees continued evacuation of people from Kievsky and Kalininsky districts of Donetsk due to ongoing shellings.

All the willing were moved to the safe place, those are, first of all, families with children, elderly people and those in need of medical assistance.

During the day, using the Emergency Ministry’s equipment, evacuation of people willing to temporally move from Kievsky and Kalininsky districts of Donetsk has taken place. 36 people, including eight children and one disabled person, were evacuated from Zasyadko prospect, Chapayeva, Buslayeva, Dvorzhaka streets.

At this moment people are being supplied with necessary medicines, heaters and warm clothes. The DPR Emergency Ministry’s psychologists are working in dormitories to provide psychological support.

DONi TV Report includes video report from DONi Press correspondent, Christelle Neant.

DONi News Agency / OPLOT TV

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