The project of restoration of Kozhevnya village destroyed in hostilities in 2014 was presented to the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic.

On January 11, experts of the Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture submitted to Alexander Zakharchenko the prepared restoration project of the village of Kozhevnya. This locality was destroyed almost completely in the military confrontation of the DPR army and the Ukrainian troops at the very outset of the war. A small village on the border with the Russian Federation became a hot-point of fighting for the strategic direction.

Restoration of the village was initiated last year by the Head of State. DonNACEA experts were charged with preparation of this project.

According to the higher education institution's rector, academician Evgeny Gorokhov, the village needs to be restored from nearly a scratch. The project provides construction of 20 houses, each on 100 square metres area. Besides, all the utilities should be connected – there is planned to take place construction of a water tower, installation of solid propellant coppers of republican production, laying of roads. According to the architects' estimates, each house, built of a three-layer bricklaying, will cost 3,8 million rubbles. In total the restoration project will cost the state 120 million rubbles.

The man power for construction is also waiting already for a command to action – young people from the Academy's students’ construction brigades will work on Kozhevnya's reconstruction under the leadership of experts who had reconstructed the Donetsk airport in due time. Students have a considerable volunteer experience already, they helped to restore houses in Debaltsevo, Makeyevka and other cities.

"We are ready to start, to begin purchasing materials, to develop a more detailed working plan together with the Ministry of Construction and Housing Utilities. We are waiting for your approval only," Evgeny Gorokhov addressed the Head of State.

"In general, I liked the project. You may regard my words as the green light. Everything is worked out for the villagers' life to be convenient. I said at the previous meeting that houses should be not just convenient, but beautiful as well. And you made it like that," said Alexander Zakharchenko. "However I would like construction of each house to be approached individually. It is necessary to find all the residents of Kozhevnya, to learn from them – whether they are ready to return to their home village. Times are hard now, essential investments are expected, therefore houses shouldn’t stay empty."

For Alexander Zakharchenko the village of Kozhevnya is a fateful place. Together with his Oplot unit, the Head participated in the heaviest fights for this strategically important locality. In Kozhevnya Alexander Vladimirovich was encircled with other defenders, and got wounded. Then our party lost soldiers killed and wounded, it was necessary to think over ways of retreat. However, it was difficult to do this: the enemy was equipped with thermal imagers and found the Republic's defenders' base easily. To get out of the ‘meat grinder’, to save the wounded and to get away from the Ukrainian thermal imagers, our fighters set fire to several house on their way. Only in this way it was succeeded to avoid big losses in the heavy fight.

"I feel like I returned to that period two years ago. In Kozhevnya there was hell. Fights were very heavy. We got surrounded. Over there was our base," the Head of State shows the main positions of the parties on the village's map. "Ukrainian military filled all the wells with animal corpses, we were left without water. After several hours of heavy fighting we were drinking water just from a local pond. But then it was the tastiest water for us ever. Now I am happy that we are not defending this village any more, but ready to restore it. These are very beautiful places: ponds, Blue rocks visible at sunrise, the incredibly beautiful nature. I want life to return here. I am very grateful to students for being ready to help. Once the construction is launched, I will come personally and conduct the youths round the sites of our fights."

In the end Alexander Zakharchenko gave an official start to Kozhevnya's restoration. Construction will be carried out at several stages as financing comes. The best experts will control the process, what ensures that locals will come back home soon.

According to the project's developers, the families who had abandoned Kozhevnya were sheltered in the neighbouring villages. But each local resident is waiting to return to the native village.

"I am sure that Kozhevnya will become the first restored village and will give start to the big construction. We will restore all the villages of the Donetsk People's Republic destroyed by war," said Alexander Zakharchenko.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 

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