We can see that our fellow countrymen, Donetsk and Lugansk regions' residents living in the areas temporary controlled by Kiev, find themselves in a difficult situation. Living in the zone of the so-called 'anti-terrorist operation,' they suffer from abuse by military and civil autocratic administrations and atrocities committed by the National Guard squads.

The Ukrainian army accommodates personnel and hardware in neighbourhoods, schools, hospitals, industrial enterprises and civil infrastructure facilities, thus making local residents its hostages.

The illegitimate economic blockade, organised by the Ukrainian government together with radicals, is ongoing. It resulted in the severance of social and economic ties between erstwhile consolidated Donbass people. The Donbass areas remaining under Kiev's control are on the brink of humanitarian and environmental crisis. Anthropogenic risks are increasing, enterprises are being shut down and living standards continue to decrease.

In this connection we decided to implement a programme of humanitarian aid and environmental security for our brothers and sisters living in the Ukraine-controlled Donbass areas. The main guidelines for humanitarian assistance are medical and educational services, payments to veterans and assistance to divided families.

We wish to underscore that humanitarian foundations have been set up to support our fellow countrymen. The programme also envisages joint cultural, educational and sport events involving residents on both sides of the contact line.

We are concerned over the condition of infrastructure facilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. We insist on inspection by the DPR and LPR Emergencies Ministries and our humanitarian organisations of water pumping systems at operating and non-operating coalmines, Popasnaya water utility, Lisichansk refinery, Zarya (Rubezhnoye) and Azot (Severodonetsk) companies, Voda Donbassa water company, water treatment plants, chlorine storages, Avdeyevka coking plant, Konstantinovka state-owned chemical plant and Dzerzhinsk phenol plant.

We demand an opportunity to monitor utility infrastructure (power- , water- and gas-supply facilities) in the Kiev-controlled part of Donbass, which, if damaged, might create problems for the DPR and LPR residents. To this end, we insist that unhindered access to the Kiev-controlled territory should be provided for the DPR and LPR humanitarian organisations, as well as for international organisations we have recommended.

Brothers and sisters! Fellow countrymen! Residents of Mariupol and Kramatorsk, Lisichansk and Starobelsk and all the Kiev-controlled towns and villages!

Let us pool our efforts for the sake of survival and peace, for fighting those who are sitting in the far-away Kiev, Brussels and Washington trying to make us quarrel, who are profiting from the war.

We stand together with you. We will help.

DONi News Agency 

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