LPR Interior and State Security Ministries thwarted intelligence missions by foreign humanitarian organisation employees in the Republic, reports the State Security Ministry’s spokeswoman Evgenia Lyubenko.


LPR State Security Ministry in cooperation with the Interior Ministry thwarted the intelligence activity of  unregistered foreign humanitarian organisation ACF (Action contre la Faime, headquartered in Paris) which operated in the LPR territory in the interests of Ukrainian secret services,” said Lyubenko.

“In violation of LPR laws, ACF, whose headquater was located in Kiev, conducted intelligence on LPR socio-political and economic situation using the Lugansk-based public organization People’s Mutual Assistance as a cover,” she said.

“LPR law-enforcers identified people aiding the foreign organization and detained them having also arrested contracts, correspondence, social study reports and other documents proving their unlawful activity," the spokeswoman said.

“A search found corporate seals and fictitious contracts of purchase of food and other products funded by foreign sponsors for alleged humanitarian assistance to the Republic’s residents. Efforts are underway to identify other persons or organizations involved in cooperation with Ukrainian secret services,” said Lyubenko.


People’s Mutual Assistance chairman Dmitry Gasinov said his organization began to cooperate with ACF representatives in 2016.

“In 2016, their representative Eric - I can’t recall his last name - came to secure accreditation in the Republic, but he wasn’t successful. “They helped us with money. Recipients were selectively asked to provide personal information on their age, address, family members and passport data. ACF personnel then processed those questionnaires and e-mailed them to their colleagues in Severodonetsk.”

People's Mutual Assistance staff said they had entered fake data to secure further funding from ACF.

Earlier, LPR State Security Ministry said it had thwarted 128 foreign operatives in the Republic from October 2016 through October 2017.

In the period from December 2014 till December 2016, LPR State Security Ministry officers exposed and stopped the intelligence activities of more than 130 foreign spies.


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