The situation on the contact line over the past day has not changed significantly and remains controlled.

The Ukrainian gunmen at the order of the terrorist and criminal Gorbatyuk three times have violated the ceasefire regime. The positions of the LPR People's Militia near the locality of Kalinovo were subjected to firing from mortars of 120 mm, 82 mm caliber and small arms.

Overnight into January 9, 2017, the AFU once again attempted to break through in the direction of the locality of Kalinovka using a sabotage group which like other diversions became a complete fiasco. The enemy's sabotage-reconnaissance group using a IFV tried to conduct a developing attack. In 20 minutes after the Ukraine's IFV started moving forward it stalled out and couldn't return to positions without the help of the tow. The military personnel of the LPR People's Militia hadn't to take retaliatory measures to counteract the enemy's sabotage-reconnaissance group and, thereby, to violate the Minsk Agreements. We don't rule out that it was only a provocation, aimed at forcing us to fire back and then accuse the LPR People's Militia of non-compliance with the ceasefire regime.

Besides, the Ukrainian punishers have intensified air reconnaissance in the area near the localities of Pervomaisk, Molodyozhny, Kalinovo. Quite possible that after defeat on the Debaltsevo direction, the enemy tries to find gaps in our defense for carrying out provocative actions against the territorial integrity of our Republic.

The Ukrainian Command is not capable of controlling the level of military discipline, morale and psychological condition of the AFU military personnel.

So, near the locality of Popasnaya the serviceman of the 3d battalion of the 54 brigade in a drunken state during a dinner opened fire with the automatic machine at a ceiling, demanding to meet with the commander of the brigade to clear the air. The furious serviceman was calmed down only by the AFU military service guard.

At that, the AFU Command continues concealing non-combat losses. Near the locality of Troitskoye during the conflict between the military personnel of the AFU 2 battalion of the 54 brigade there happened a detonation of the F-1 grenade, so that one serviceman died, another two were sent to hospital with wounds of varying severity.

We, in our turn, observe the "SILENCE REGIME" and agreements reached in Minsk. Our actions are aimed at the peaceful solution of the conflict in Donbass.

There are held meetings with the commanders of platoons, artillery spotters and obstacle clearing groups in the LPR People's Militia units within a week. We increase the level of professionalism and readiness to fulfill tasks on protection and security of the Republic's citizens according to the plan.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency


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