Despite the decrease in the number of shellings, the situation did not undergo essential changes on the contact line and remains under control.   

Ukrainian gunmen violated the ceasefire regime three times over the past 24 hours. The military criminals, commanders and adherents of the Ukrainian Nazism Gorbatyuk and Shevchenko gave criminal orders to their units. The LPR People’s Militia positions in vicinity of the localities of Sokolniki, Logvinovo and the monument devoted to Prince Igor were shelled. Ukrainian punishers employed mortars of 120mm and 80mm caliber, grenade launchers and different types of small arms while shellings. 

The criminal Ukrainian military leadership is not going to comply with the agreements reached on keeping the ceasefire regime and makes everything to escalate the conflict in Donbass.  

Because of absence of those who wish to take part in the war against their own population and a deep economic crisis, the Ukrainian authorities keep using “labor” of expensive foreign mercenaries. Thus, we detected the location of the foreign mercenary unit consisting of up to thirty people in vicinity of the locality of Schastye. Presence of the foreign mercenaries is also confirmed by local residents who saw them a few times in shops and transport cafes. Besides, the soldiers of luck” mainly paid a foreign currency – the dollar and euro.  

Besides, we registered that two US citizens served in the 1st battalion of the 24th brigade of the AFU in vicinity of the settlement of Popasnaya. It is a violation of both the international law and the US legislation. We will give the personal data of these citizens to the corresponding instances in the near future.  

Our intelligence keeps registering new cases of desertion in AFU units. In the units of the 54th separate infantry brigade only over 24 hours, on January 11, four servicemen left the deployment site of the units without any permission and six were detained in a state of intoxication what gives evidences of a poor moral and psychological condition of the military personnel and inactivity of AFU commanders.   

The State Security Service of Ukraine’s work was registered in the localities on the contact line. Thus in the settlements, in the zone of the anti-population terroristic operation, the Ukrainian special forces carry out events targeted at revealing a local population having family ties with the workers of the LPR security forces with the aim of putting pressure in the future in their criminal interests. 

Besides, in vicinity of Zolotoye there was detected an illegal selling scheme of the military properties and foodstuffs to the servicemen of the battalion ‘Lugansk-1’, due to this, the ‘Lugansk’ grouping headquarters commission arrived in the 24th brigade of the AFU to carry out a check. 

The LPR People’s Militia keeps complying with the agreements reached in Minsk, not answering to the Ukrainian military’s provocations. We still relies on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, but how the Roman historian Cornelius Nepos said “If you want peace – be ready for a war!”. 

For this purpose, planned battle training keeps going in the People’s Militia units, during which, under conditions pushed maximally closer to battle ones, the servicemen improve their file training skills on ranges. A great attention is also paid to study of the modern samples of air defense hardware and artillery platforms. 

Besides, the People’s Militia engineering units immediately react to the OSCE Mission’s requests specified by its representatives, for unmining vantage grounds from explosive objects.  

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency


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