The situation did not undergo essential changes on the contact line and remains under control. 

The Ukrainian gunmen violated the ceasefire regime 1 time over the past 24 hours. The adherent of the Ukrainian Nazism and military criminal, commander of the 14th brigade Zhakun gave criminal orders to his units. The Ukrainian military shelled the LPR People’s Militia positions in vicinity of the monument to Prince Igor. The Ukrainian punishers employed grenade launchers of different types and small arms while shelling.   

Despite the decrease in the number of shellings, the Ukrainian Junta still relies on seizing our territories by force. For this purpose, using the alleged ceasefire regime, the AFU command deploys its forces and military hardware prohibited to the contact line. Thus in vicinity of :

Novoluganskoye – there were detected two towed howitzers of 122mm caliber D-30;

Luganskoye – there were detected location of firing positions with five detachments of 120mm mortars; 

Lopaskino – there arrived five infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs-1) and two cargo trucks with ammunitions. 

We keep registering AFU crimes against Ukraine’s citizens. Thus we have got to know the fact of marauding by the servicemen of the 24th AFU brigade in the settlement of Zolotoye-5. I would like to note that at the time of running away from the law enforcement agencies that arrived because a local resident had appealed to them, the Ukrainian gunmen from the 24th brigade opened aimed fire at the law enforcement officers’ car, after what they left the scene. 

The Ukrainian command keeps carrying out events devoted to refilling the military personnel shortage in the AFU. For this purpose, servicemen are selected to service under contract as part of preparation for rotation events in February – April, 2017. 

It was registered that the majority of AFU servicemen do not consider service in the Armed Forces as reliable, prestige and prospective. The Ukrainian servicemen treat the service in the AFU like temporary earnings and do not want to extend and sign contracts for a long period of time.  It does not presuppose strengthening of qualified preparation and a discipline level and moral-psychological condition of AFU military personnel falls faster than citizens’ trust level to Poroshenko. 

Besides we registered facts that the servicemen of the service under contract of the AFU 24th brigade collectively refused to comply with criminal orders given by the Nazi-commander and demembration. In particular, the serviceman of the 2nd battalion shot his leg to avoid complying with the tasks associated with provocative shellings of their own positions in vicinity of the locality of Popasnaya. 

Due to this, the AFU command made a decision on using involuntary service soldiers, who arrived in vicinity of the settlement of Zolotoye in the responsibility of the 24th brigade to implement the tasks on the contact line. These facts one more time confirm falsehood of the military and political leadership’s statements, according to which, the military conscription soldiers mustn’t be present at the so-called “ATO” zone.  

The LPR People’s Militia keeps perfecting its military skills. For this purpose, in the People’s Militia units there are conducted daily battle readiness trainings. 

This week the special attention is paid to prepare special purpose units and intelligence, during which on the ranges of the People’s Militia there are improved methods of waging a battle under conditions of an unknown territory and also hitting a moving mark by snipers. 

Moreover, air defense units were raised because of a training alert to check the battle readiness and readiness for implementing tasks as intended. Servicemen showed their high level of preparation, steadily hit condition air targets and following the results of a check by the command of the People’s Militia Control there was given a steady position evaluation. 

Today we are celebrating another anniversary of reunion between Ukraine and Russia that took place on January 18, 1654 for the first time. This event has a great historical meaning – the Ukrainian population united with the fraternal Russian people with which, it is associated by community origin and by historic development. 

Reunion between Ukraine and Russia gave more powerful capabilities of development. Economic and cultural ties were steadily growing between Russian and Ukrainian populations, their friendship in joint fight against the Western influence and fascism was strengthened.  

And today, in difficult times, the fraternal people lend a hand of help to us to be free of a brown plague that got stuck in Kiev. 

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency


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