The situation on the contact line underwent no essential changes over the past day and still remains controlled.

Ukrainian punishers violated ceasefire one time. At the order of the terrorist and criminal Gorbatyuk, the LPR People’s Militia positions near Kalinovo locality were shelled with 120mm mortars.

The Ukrainian command continues carrying out regrouping of troops and strengthening of the AFU units on the contact line, for the purpose of carrying out provocations with application of the arms forbidden by the Minsk Agreements. So, we established the prepared positions of a tank battalion of the 24th brigade of the AFU near locomotive depot in Popasnaya locality vicinities for conducting criminal shellings of the LPR territory at night.

A group of foreign curators and instructors on subversive activity arrived in Schastie village to train the Ukrainian forces units' Command. The same group had been training ISIS terrorists in Syria. I would like to note that being incapable of seizing the territory by force, the Ukrainian military Command decided to apply the strategy quite popular among terrorists in the Islamic State countries.

In turn, we don't weaken vigilance, paying special attention to the Republic’s security issues. For this purpose, combat training lessons are regularly given in the LPR People’s Militia units, at those special attention is drawn to drilling fire and special preparation standards.

The People’s Militia units continue rendering help to the population of the Republic. Near Smeloye locality humanitarian aid was provided to vulnerable segments of population, food and means of prime necessity (personal hygiene) were delivered.

Despite the continuing provocations on the part of Ukrainian military, we hope for the quickest establishment of peace in Donbass!

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency




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