Ukrainian forces continue to violate Minsk accords accumulating forces and means on the contact line. It was reported by the Republic Defence Ministry official representative Andrey Marochko.

Apart from it, Ukrainian forces set the large-caliber artillery systems, howitzers and multiple launch rocket systems «Grad» in the area of Popasnoe, Orehovoe, Troitskoe and Mironovka villages.

"Ukrainian forces on the command of the terrorist and criminal Gorbatuk, violated the ceasefire regime once. The LPR People’s Militia positions in the Nizhnelozovoe area were shelled by automatic grenade launchers and small arms. Using the imaginary truce Ukrainian forces continue the Minsk accords violations namely by setting the weaponry near the contact line," said Marochko.

DONI News Agency / Lugansk24

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