The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the ex-leader of the extremist movement "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh said that Kiev would soon regain control over the territories of the DPR and the LPR. 

In an interview with the Ukrainian publication Apostrof, Yarosh said that the return of territories beyond Kiev's control was "a plan not for decades, but for a much shorter period." Yarosh believes that the territories will be won back by April 20, 2018. Then he offered to celebrate the return of Donbass on April 20, at the same time as Hitler's day of birth and the creation of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, an extremist movement led by him, in order "not to have lots of dates to celebrate." 

Dmitry Yarosh also told about his desire to carry out a cleansing of the population and hold a victory parade in Donetsk. 

"We are the men, we are the citizens, we are protecting our state. Of course, not perfectly. I would very much like to hold a victory parade in Donetsk. To come in, do a cleanse, walk around the city, then sit in the restaurant on the river bank... I want to do it. And I do everything for this, that it is possible to do," the Apostrof quotes Yarosh as saying.

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