Yesterday, on June 18, the territory of the Yasinovatsky Sanatorium Boarding School No. 14, which was shelled the night before by Ukrainian security forces, was visited by representatives of the local administration and the DPR People's Militia. 

"During the school hours there are 88 children, during the summer camp - 50. Yesterday on the Lenina square we were holding a holiday dedicated to the Day of the Medical Worker. First, unmanned aircraft started flying, and then there was a shelling of the school. Fortunately, this happened on Saturday, on a day off, so there were no children in the building - they were on the square. When the shelling began, children scattered," said deputy head of the Yasinovataya Council Tatiana Kuzyutkina.

According to Eduard Basurin, the Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia,  there are no servicemen of the DPR army in the school area, and the advanced positions are located four kilometers from the facility. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian security forces are deliberately bombarding children's and medical institutions.

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