Commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready to leave their positions in Donbass for an "acceptable" reward, in a number of cases, the DPR Armed Forces managed to persuade the enemy to do it for free. This information was announced by the Vice-Commander of the Republican Operational Command Eduard Basurin.

"According to our reconnaissance, shellings of settlements and life support facilities are carried out mainly by nationalist battalions and the "Right Sector". The bombardments are aimed at provoking our units to respond and putting under fire units that do not want to fight," he said.

Thus, according to Basurin, part of the AFU soldiers became hostages of nationalists, which contributes to the increasingly frequent withdrawal from the advanced positions. Quite often the withdrawal of Ukrainian units is carried out by mutual agreement with the commanders of the DPR army.

"In some cases, commanders of the AFU units assign their positions to us for a honorarium. At that, the amounts do not exceed 10-20 salaries of the platoon commander of the AFU platoon, which is acceptable for us," Basurin stressed.

He added that in the responsibility zone of the 36 separate marine brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Mariupol direction, as well as in the 92nd and 72nd brigades near the Donetsk, units of the Armed Forces of the Republic, "managed to convince the commanders to leave positions that were not justified by the victims and whims of the big bosses in the command of Ukraine.”

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