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Recently, I have come across articles stating the Ukrainian soldiers are humiliated and tortured in DPR captivity. I couldn't steer clear of this bald-faced lie spread by US-funded so-called journalists and activists. Why are these issues brought up again? What are they aimed at? There should be only one answer – again and again to demonize Donetsk and Lugansk republics, to force the entire ”democratic society” be aggressively disposed against ordinary people in Donbass. It's one of the attempts to feed propaganda machine in order to unleash wide-scale hostilities in People's Republics. Kiev and its Western handlers need a war. They are losing time. Parliamentary elections in Russia and presidential vote in the USA are the reasons. The Americans really striving for a certain status quo in these issues. We have become the eyewitnesses of another round of full-scale attack on Russia and Donbass. Kiev by US hands is preparing for war. The “ceasefire regime” is constantly violated by the Ukrainian military. The Kiev's murderers started launching artillery shells onto residential areas, civilian property. Every day there are people in Donetsk who get wounded or killed. The so-called Minsk Agreements if they have ever existed, are fully destroyed. It is highly likely the war is inevitable. So, the reviving of alleged tortures by Donbass defenders is a step towards unleashing a war.

Over month ago the UN has published a new report saying that after two years of conflict, the situation in ”eastern Ukraine” remains volatile and continues to have a severe impact on human rights, especially for those living near the contact line and in territories controlled by armed groups. But what groups is not specified. As as rule, not reveling those found responsible means that it's disadvantageously for those who are trying to conceal the truth. In this case it really means that those nameless groups are the Ukrainian army and Nazi volunteer battalions. Then there are such statements by the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Ivan Šimonovic:

The majority of allegations suggest that threats of rape and other forms of sexual violence are used as a method of ill-treatment and torture in the context of arbitrary or illegal detention, both towards men and women.

Impunity of law enforcement and security elements for human rights violations remains widespread, and is often justified by the challenges posed by the ongoing armed conflict. In territories controlled by the armed groups, law and order has collapsed and illegal parallel structures have developed.

But of course they couldn't take notice of our authorities and defenders:

The self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ and self-proclaimed ‘Lugansk people’s republic’ have undermined the human rights of the estimated 2.7 million people residing under their control. They have imposed an arbitrary system of rules, established a network of places of deprivation of liberty where detainees are tortured and ill-treated, and cracked down on dissent. The ‘ministry of state security’ of the ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ has emerged as the main entity responsible for carrying out repressive house searches, arrests, and detentions. In a worrying pattern of behavior, the ‘Donetsk people’ s republic’ and ‘Lugansk people’s republic’ continued to deny international organizations and external observers unfettered access to places of deprivation of liberty. Subjected to unaccountable rule and excluded from the legal system applying to the rest of Ukraine, the population living in the territories controlled by the armed groups has been effectively denied basic protection and deprived of basic human rights and freedoms.

So, as you see, they lie, lie, lie. If the representatives of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights really intended to be objective and to find truth they would have visited that places they are talking about. The DPR and the LPR are for the truth, open, not having anything to hide. The outstanding examples may be the evidences of the Ukrainian soldiers that used to be in DPR captivity.

The young guy, Alexey Gavras, the 39th battalion of territorial defense of Dnepropetrovsk captured by DPR defenders says: 

We were well treated provided a meal, medicaments.

And it's not the first evidence of the Ukrainians proving our humanity. The DPR Head Alexander Zakcharchenko not once has invited mothers of the Ukrainian soldiers being in DPR to come and to see in what conditions they are and then take away their sons. Many of them entertained a suggestion, came to Donetsk an were really astonished, how mendacious the Ukrainian media were.

We are people who are following the United Nations Convention against Torture. We, people of Donbass, who rose against Maidan's evil in 2014, against violence and violation of human rights in Ukraine, how can we torture and harm other people, even if they are our enemies. Never! We are not the Ukrainian Nazi-bastards who are out for blood.

Here is one example of their democratic state.

Konsnantin Beskorovainy spent 15 months jailed secretly by the Ukrainian Security Services (SBU). An active member of the Communist party in the small eastern town of Konstantinovka, he was no supporter of Ukraine’s government. He worked as a dentist at a local hospital until Nov. 2014, when Ukrainian government authorities arbitrarily detained him.

Several times during Beskorovayny’s protracted detention — allegedly at an SBU compound in Kharkov — his captors told him that he had been put up for prisoner exchange with Russia-backed separatists. The separatists did not want him. Time dragged on, and the guards at the compound grumbled that prisoners like Beskorovyany were “ghosts” and “there was no budget” to feed them. 

“You do not exist,” they kept telling him and the other inmates.

Beskorovayny was finally released in Feb. 2016. Sixteen other “ghosts” — 15 men and one woman — remained. Beskorovayny had had no contact with the outside world from the time he was detained in 2014 until his release. The detention was not officially registered and the SBU has denied it ever happened.

Ukrainian interrogators often use electric shock on the genitals of male detainees, as well as severe beatings and water-boarding. Almost everyone who was in Ukraine's prisons says that the Ukrainian army and punishment battalions kneecap and run over feet with military vehicles. A mock firing squad and sending prisoners to minefields is also a common practice. The torture victims state that the Ukrainian army systematically use a torture technique called ”water-boarding”. Previously, this method was used by the American secret services.

So, it's absolutely clear who is a murderer and abuser and who is a victim. American, Canadian. Polish and other instructors deployed to Ukraine are training soldiers to kill, torture, humiliate the innocent residents of Donbass. The great evil [the USA] sows the evil seeds in the whole world. The seed of extremism and Nazism has found a fertile ground in Ukraine. To win Donbass needs to bring to life the remains of Ukraine and destroy the seed. Only in this case this failed state will be friendly towards us and towards Russia. Nobody knows how and when it will occur. But one thing is a constant, Donbass can't avoid the war that is being imposed by Kiev. It will be the last aggression for Ukraine against our republics.

DONi News Agency

written by Michael Chin

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