Over the past 24 hours Ukrainian gunmen  launched over 200 shells and mortar rounds onto the DPR territory, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

‘Ukrainian side continues violating the truce applying heavy weaponry, breaking all the agreements. In the Donetsk direction the enemy applied artillery, tanks and mortars. Two artillery shells of 122 mm caliber, 3 tank shells, 55 mortar rounds of 120 mm and 91 mortar rounds of 82 mm caliber were launched onto 11 DPR localities,’ said Basurin.

He also added that in Gorlovka and Mariupol directions 8 localities underwent the Ukrainian shelling. Conducting fire at the DPR localities, the enemy launched 42 mortar rounds of 82 mm caliber and 9 tank shells. Apart from it, shelling the locality of Sakhanka in the Novoazovsky district of the DPR, soldiers of the 59th mechanized infantry brigade applied illuminating bombs as incendiary ammunition.

It should be added that over the past 24 hours the DPR Command recorded 53 ceasefire violations, committed on the Ukrainian part. Residential area’s damage was recorded in the locality of Sakhanka.

DONi News Agency

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