The RGN Grenade is often encountered in the Donbass Theater of Operations in combat situations. The grenade is manufactured both in the Russian Federation and inside Nazi Ukraine. It is used by both Novorossiyan and Nazi Kiev Armed forces. The body of the RGN grenade is composed of two hemispheres of serrated aluminium. The fuse is a UDZS type operating on a delay and impact function. The fuse will arm after the pyrotechnic delay activates in 1 to 1.8 seconds. If the RGN grenade strikes an object after being thrown, a lead spherical shot filled weight will cause the RGN grenade to detonate.

After 3.5 to 4 seconds if the RGN grenade has not hit anything the secondary pyrotechnic delay will cause detonation of the grenade.The RGN grenade has a weight of 290 gm, with a length of 113mm and a diameter of 60mm. The RGN grenade is loaded with A-1X-1 explosive (96% RDX phlegmatized with a 4% wax bonding agent).

The RGN Grenade has a kill radius of 4-10 meters. The safety radius is considered to be 25 meters. The realistic range of utilization is assessed to be 30-40 meters by hand. Friendly forces are cautioned that the grenades have been air dropped by drone in Donbass.




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